Transforming Proclamation Project

The Transforming Proclamation Project seeks to form spaces of proclamation, reflection, prayer, worship, and faith community gathering by centering trans/transgender and gender non-conforming persons of faith, their partners, and families within communities of faith to create trans-competent, trans-welcoming and trans-affirming spaces of spiritually enriching experiences not otherwise available to trans persons or communities at large — at the heart of this work is the intent to trans-form proclamation, itself.

Trans-forming Proclamation claims that our primary, and most impactful, proclamation is our own survival, ability to seek thriving, and to persist amid various forms of erasure, persecution, marginalization, and oppression. Trans-forming Proclamation asserts that our ability to sense some measure sacred spirit, and discern an engaged and engaging faith, and locate ourselves within that faith is itself a proclamation. Trans-forming proclamation reads and speaks trans-gressively, to query and interpret scripture, the living texts of bodies, experience, history and circumstances within, across and beyond traditional theologies, doctrines, and oppressive socio-political constructs to discern the compassionate expression of holy self-disclosure to and among us, cast-out sojourners of the outcasts.

The work of trans-forming proclamation seeks to discover the word of spiritual sustenance, call to sacred being-ness, and justice-making good news to be found in this que(e)rying work and to express such sacred discover through various forms of living, spoken, written, sung, and embodied proclamation.

Watch this space for our next event.



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